1-, 2- or 3 cylinder

water cooling

vertical construction with cylinders arranged in rows

piston and guided rings for absolute oil-free compression

sealing of the lower compression chamber on the piston rod by means of an oil-free, multi-chamber gland

compression 1,2 3 or 4-stage

separation of the forced oil lubricated drive system from the dry-running cylinder by oil wipers and long single or long two-compartment distance piece

motion work: forced oil lubricated, consisting of crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead and exchangeable crosshead guide


Dry-running piston
Medium:Process gases, even very aggressive and toxic gases
Number of cylinders / steps:Up to 3 / 4
Suction / ultimate pressure range:

Up to 100 bar approx. / up to 250 bar

Driving power:5 to 500 kW
Scope of supply:Compressor plant set up on a common base frame as "package unit" including drive, gas cooling, process measuring and control equipment, control, etc.
Manufacture:Complete mechanical processing of all components by means of CNC-controlled machines
Construction / Documentation:CAD