In practice

The endeavours of industry to manufacture high-quality products and to design, build and operate reliable production systems while at the same time achieving maximum efficiency and productivity, demand the use of completely oil-free compressors at the most varied locations.

KOHO compressor systems have been meeting these needs, under harsh, continous operation, since 1948. The major areas of application are in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, foods, packaging, electro and beverages industries, in reactor and extraction technology, as well as in gas decanting and liquefaction, the production of inert gas, gas storage systems, breweries, refineries, power stations, coffee roasters, plastics, automatic control engineering, industrial furnaces, coking plants and other processing technological applications.

The spectrum of compressable media is large, ranging from air water vapors, hydro-carbons and their mixtures, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, inert gases, cracked gases, noble gases and hydrogen-sulphides and nitro-gases. These elements produce the most exancting demands from all sides of industry which we fulfill reliably and safely.

KOHO compressor systems are usable for variable suction pressure, depending upon user requirements, with the regulations and specifications laid down in API 618, ISO 8012, NACE, PED, AD 2000 / HPO, Stoomweezen, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd as well as special factory standards of international clients.